Upskilling in 3D design and print

JULY 26, 2017 / Articles

Waikato Campus Year 7 and 8 started the year with a new toy that excited and intrigued all. While some thought their teacher Mrs Zaana Cooper had brought a fancy coffee maker into the classroom, it was actually a 3D printer! With many test prints, we learned about rafts, structure, filament, heat, extruders and slicing.

Students have begun learning how to create printable designs using Tinkercad, an online design programme. It is a challenging platform full of problem solving where spatial awareness, measurement and rotation are key components to master. 

Ryder used research to create and justify why his enclosure would be the perfect addition to Mrs A. Gator’s Zoo. He chose to add domestic cats to the zoo and  included great detail his proposal. 

The zoo enclosures do not need to be printed to enhance student learning, creativity and problem solving. 

Other creations are essential to print such as Pedro and Wade’s custom designed dice that is a paramount to the Snakes and Ladders style board game that they designed for the class to increase recall and fluency of Maori numbers.