Team to work with the poor in Cambodia

JUNE 28, 2017 / Articles

In a few weeks a global team will convene in Cambodia to carry out a range of humanitarian aid projects. The team is made up of 13 staff from New Zealand and seven staff from across Sterling campuses in the USA, Canada and Caribbean.

The team also includes three students from Manurewa High School, who are potential future leaders in their community. We are proud to have the support of the Westmount Trust, Hynds Pipe Systems, Mainfreight, and The David Levene Foundation enabling these students to have this opportunity.

While they are in Cambodia, the team will work with poor, rural communities on a range of projects:

  • two playgrounds
  • two school shelters
  • two latrines (they don’t have toilets or sewers)
  • two water tanks
  • two nutrition education/demonstrations conducted at village locations
  • two kids clubs held at village locations 

The aid work also includes spending time with children in an orphanage.

Staff and students at Westmount campuses have held fundraisers to support these projects.

However, we are still in need of help. If you would also like to support either the Manurewa students or our work in Cambodia, please email tour leader Phil Muir. Mr Muir is Regional Principal for Westmount, and has organised numerous humanitarian aid trips to Southeast Asia, particularly to Cambodia.

"It is an amazing, transformative opportunity," he says.

"Cambodia is a country whose recent history has seen civil war, genocide, famine, poverty, natural disasters , disease and the ongoing effects of these issues. The average person lives on $1 a day and it is a country that is taking a long time to recover.

"The team will do as much as we can in the time we have."