Fundraising for St John - students raise $125,000

DECEMBER 03, 2015 / Announcements

It may be the largest cheque ever presented by a school to a community organisation. It has certainly been a huge effort by some 1700 students of Westmount School through campuses across New Zealand.

Typically, the Westmount School campuses fundraise for local groups. At the beginning of 2015, new student leaders Aza Powell and Levi Murray were determined to connect Westmount students through a national initiative. They chose St John as a national charity, and set a target for each student of $60.

Students taking Digital Design through the exciting CAP Program created a website that enabled collaboration – and increased competition between the schools. Fundraising ideas were entrepreneurial, team-based and individual. The result was a total that has surprised the school community, as well as the team at St John. 

Westmount School Regional Principal Hugo Vaughan says annual fundraising campaigns are an essential part of the learning programme. “It’s an opportunity for students to develop their creativity and confidence, and appreciate the value of giving back.”

The cheque will be presented on Friday 4 December at our Auckland campus.