Self-directed learning in our Auckland campus hub

APRIL 29, 2016 / Articles


As education innovators, we know it’s more than the type of furniture and the amount of open space that creates optimal learning. In our Year 3 and 4 Learning Hub, what’s standard is a daily timetable that determines core learning area focus. Beyond this, students are:

  • developing their lines of enquiry
  • learning to work together, and alone
  • setting learning goals and identifying learning tasks to reach those goals
  • applying learning in new contexts
  • learning beyond the curriculum
  • managing and monitoring their own learning
  • exploring alternatives and making sound decisions

Campus Principal Helen Prasad, who is secondary trained, is thrilled with the ability of these students to practise self-directed learning habits at such a young age.

“Working in the state secondary school system, my colleagues and I were accustomed to managing a diverse range of skills and knowledge with our Year 9 entrants. It’s exciting to be in an environment where you can influence the early years and ensure every child is progressing well with a strong focus on inquiry-based learning, which is real world learning. In this environment students are free to make their own choices around the learning content and we aim for intrinsic motivation where their personal success is celebrated.

"This environment makes learning visible for the students, with collaboration as they work with their peers. There is also evidence of independent learners, and this compels teachers to consider how they will differentiate for all learners."

The practice is the same for our learners in Years 5 and 6 as we prepare them to plan and manage workload and time effectively and efficiently. This makes for seamless transitions through the Primary, Intermediate and Secondary School years.