Self-directed learning development in a "perfect" world

JUNE 30, 2016 / Articles

By Jon Bowen

Westmount School is on an exciting teaching and learning journey. Our Learning to Learn framework encourages staff to facilitate significant opportunities for students to develop as self-directed learners.

As part of our journey we are integrating technology that enables learners and enhances learning. One of our 2016 developments has been the integration of Education Perfect school-wide for Year 7-13 students. Students take the opportunities within the Education Perfect framework to develop in areas of school study and reach beyond those areas into areas of interest.

We are delighted with the way that Education Perfect and other technology integrations are enabling students on their learning journey. We look forward to seeing them develop as they take advantage of the opportunities to learn.

Languages competition results

Between 16 and 26 May students were tested on their Language skills, including reading, writing, listening, dictation, grammar and cultural knowledge. They gained points by answering questions and as they reached certain thresholds they earned certificates and went into a draw to win prizes, including a Macbook Air, ipods and itunes vouchers.

Competitors from more than 110 schools answered more than 90 million questions in just 190 days, creating a huge buzz around Languages learning.

Westmount School placed:

  • 77th out of 1111 schools.
  • 18th overall in New Zealand out of 242 schools
  • 14th overall in the 1001-2500 students category – out of 15 schools
  • 6th for French in New Zealand
  • 5th for French in the 1001-2500 category, out of 46 schools
  • 11th for Italian in New Zealand, out of 167 schools
  • 52nd overall in Spanish out of 867 schools
  • 20th for German in New Zealand out of 185 schools

Social Sciences competition results

Westmount School placed:

  • 10th out of 830 schools
  • 4th out of 48 schools in 1001-2500 students
  • 2nd overall in NZ out of 175 schools
  • 1st in NZ for 1001-2500 category, out of 18 schools