OneSchool Awards encourage our students to be their very best

MARCH 01, 2016 / Announcements


The new school year launched with a special event that brought together students, staff and community members across New Zealand. The purpose was the presentation of the OneSchool Award Winners, recognising the students who in 2015 achieved to the highest level on five spheres:

  • Involvement in school activities
  • Leadership
  • Academic achievement
  • Fulfilling potential
  • Management skills


Gold Award winners

Jethro Abercrombie, Year 3/4 – Northland Campus

Angel Raikes, Year 5/6 – Manawatu Campus

Samuel Abercrombie, Year 7/8 – Northland Campus

Saskia Prestidge, Year 9/10 – Taranaki Campus

Damaris Simpkin, Year 11 – Kaipara Campus

Tina Lewis, Year 12 – Tasman Campus

Huxley Trewavas, Year 13 – Tasman Campus


Silver Award winners

Lila Kemp, Year 3-5 – Canterbury Campus

Rocky Judd, Year 5-7 – South - Timaru

Maddison How, Year 7/8 – Canterbury

Harriet Foster, Year 9/10 – Northland

Garth Wycherley, Year 11 – Northland

Mitchell McIntyre, Year 12 – Auckland

Fleur McLean, Year 13 – Kaipara

Congratulations to these students for your achievements, and providing encouragement to others to achieve their very best in 2016.

More about the One School Global Awards (video)

Saskia Prestidge                                               

Saskia Prestidge















Tina Lewis and Huxley Trewavas

Huxley Trewavas and Tina Lewis



Samuel Abercrombie

Samuel Abercrombie  Damaris Simpkin

Damaris Simpkin

Jethro Abercrombie



Angel Raikes