Relief for teachers in tough circumstances

FEBRUARY 21, 2017 / Announcements

Next week education superstars gather for the Leading Remarkable Learning conferences in Auckland and Christchurch. In the audience will be more than 200 teachers from decile one schools who have been given the opportunity to attend.

Following the recent ‘Under the Bridge' documentary profiling the difficulties experienced at Papakura High School, the conference organiser, Westmount School, was approached by RRT (Rapid Relief Team) director Daniel Steele. Mr Steele, who lives in the Papakura area, wanted to do something to help staff and students facing similar challenges across New Zealand. The outcome is that RRT will sponsor 245 places at the events in Auckland (2 March) and Christchurch (6 March).

“RRT is a charitable organisation that supports communities in need. Sponsoring teachers to attend the conference was an ‘obvious opportunity’ to inspire them for the future, and grow their capability.”

The conference speaker lineup includes Sugata Mitra, whose work with slum children in India has demonstrated that any student has the capacity to learn anything, with a little help from their peers, the internet and an encouraging adult. Another of the speakers, Sir John Jones, also has had great success working with underprivileged students.

“I know the conference will be inspirational for both principals and teachers meeting the challenges of these schools,” Mr Steele says.