Once again, we are a top-performing NCEA school

JUNE 15, 2016 / Announcements

Westmount School students performed significantly better than other students nationwide in obtaining qualifications at all levels of NCEA in 2015.

The biggest advantage was recorded at Level 3, with Westmount achievement 26.6 percentage points ahead of the national average. Within the same decile band (Decile 8-10), Westmount School students also performed significantly better than other schools.

Central Region Principal Jon Bowen says the national leadership team is delighted with the continuing outstanding NCEA success of students at Westmount School. He says the strong teacher:learner partnership is key to this success.

“Teachers who facilitate great learning provide significant opportunities for students to succeed. Students at Westmount are taking these opportunities and making the most of them. It is great to see.

“We are on a richly rewarding and exciting education journey using an innovative approach to teaching and learning and developing world-class facilities.”

Mr Bowen says teaching excellence is developing successfully through extensive professional collaboration.

“We have staff attending our Auckland Teacher Academy facility every week and professional enquiry groups meeting regularly across the country. We also have staff on secondment teaching in schools internationally, and a short-term teacher exchange programme with schools in the Gold Coast and Western Australia. 

“The staff and students at Westmount are going places. It’s exciting times!” 


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