Learning to Learn 2016

JANUARY 27, 2016 / Events


In 2015 there were some big changes at Westmount Education, including a new structure that unites our 11 campuses across New Zealand, with students and teachers in more than 150 OneSchoolGlobal schools internationally.

The intention is for a flat structure that ensures high involvement from all of the talented teaching professionals working across our network. Our philosophy is to “enable the enablers”.

In New Zealand, the structure is based around three regions – North, Central and Southern – with a principal for each. Phil Muir leads the Northern Region (which also includes schools in Argentina), Jon Bowen is responsible for the Central Region, and Hugo Vaughan the Southern Region.

We also now have a leadership team that includes:

1) campus principals from within the regions

2) curriculum leaders for all learning areas, and

3) leaders of junior, middle and senior schools.

The aspiration is to create a "glocal" approach – one informed by both global and local knowledge (yes, “glocal” is now officially a word in the Oxford Dictionary). It will encompass a global identity, education methodology, and standard for facilities.

One of the keys to delivering our glocal vision is to think beyond national curricula, to embrace broader criteria for developing an “excellent, well-rounded, work and future-ready OneSchool student”.

The change process is influenced by global education thought leaders like Gordon Poad, Guy Claxton, and James Nottingham. But it is driven locally. Last week, our leadership team (pictured below) came together for two days to explore what we can do to move towards our vision. This week, our teachers will also participate in workshops and contribute to the development of objectives.

We are developing an approach that is malleable. We will continuously analyse the gap between what we want to achieve, and what we’re actually achieving, and respond to the variance. In this way as teachers we are also Learning to Learn. It's a powerful, forward-thinking approach to teaching and learning – our core business.