Shift to innovative learning environments one of our greatest leaps

FEBRUARY 01, 2017 / Articles

Nick Bishop has been actively involved in Westmount’s Auckland Campus administration over the past six years, including two stints as the ‘CEO’ (Campus Administrator or CA). The role is voluntarily held by a member of the Community, and supports the Principal in the management of school operations.

With his role as the Outgoing CA coming to an end, Nick reflects that it has been one of the most satisfying jobs he has ever done.

“The school has come a long way over the years. It’s great to have been part of the journey.”

A key change has been the development of Self-Directed Learning in Modern Learning Environments. He compares the current stage as a journey up a mountain - and says the challenge is to avoid sliding into the yawning abyss of reactive mediocrity.

"With dedication, perseverance and commitment, this generation of students will develop their capacity as self-directed learners and plant their flags of proactive success at the summit. The skills learned through the climb will last a lifetime.

“We usually think of school in the paradigm of our own memories. I went to Auckland Grammar School. It was factory-style learning – we sat at desks in alphabetical order.

“I note the principal of that school said recently that he doesn’t like Modern Learning Environments. No bean bags welcome. That’s too bad for them.”

More positive lingering memories were the mottos of AGS –  Per Angusta Ad Augusta (From Deep Ravines to Highest Heights) – and his primary school – Success Crowns Effort.

“In my day to succeed beyond school, we needed to be self-directed learners, but it didn’t have that name.

“Now we are training people to learn to learn. 

"We have teachers who have moved from being the sage on the stage to the guide on the side. 

"We are preparing students for occupations, and we don’t know what they are yet.  All we can hope is that in the winds of change at the top of the mountain, may their flags fly stronger.”