Honouring the journey, and success

JUNE 15, 2016 / Events

Graduation Day on Friday 3 June celebrated the successes of a large number of ‘Honour’ students from 2015. There are 40 students who achieved NCEA Level 3 with Excellence, placing them in the top 10% of students in New Zealand. This is an outstanding result.

  • Northland: Hayden Abercrombie, Alice Bigelow, Dallas Bill
  • Kaipara: Oliver Boakes, Roy MacIntyre, Fleur McLean, Karen Rountree, Jay Stewart, Ernie Wearmouth
  • Auckland: Amber Stanners, Alysha Whiteman
  • Waikato: Bradley Beatson, Timothy Etchells, Luke Powell, Anya Renton, Cassie Renton, Jared Sorenson
  • East Coast: Curtis Lewis, Anita Vigis, Marliese Sankey
  • Taranaki: Mitchell Anderson, Jared Biss, Angela Hart, Zoe Herd, Dylan Judd, Achsah Prestidge, Laurie Prestidge, Levi Prestidge, Nathan Prestidge
  • Manawatu: Levi Currie, Lachlan Rice
  • Wellington: Stacey Frizzell
  • Tasman: Huxley Trewavas
  • Canterbury: Blythe Everest, Wilbert Mascull, Bonnie Townshend, Belinda Watt
  • Southland: Jethro Boakes, Gemma Burgess, Reuben Cornes

Graduation Day also allowed us to recognise recipients of Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for overall academic achievement, and announce the top students in Year 11, 12, and 13.

  • Year 11: Almanzo Simmons – Manawatu Campus
  • Year 12: Bethany Strachan – Upper South Campus
  • Year 13 Dux Runner-up: Ernie Wearmouth – Kaipara Campus
  • Year 13 Dux: Wilbert Mascull – Canterbury Campus

Mr Brett Sloan, Head of Academic Achievement, said all students at Westmount had made significant progress in 2015, and most had achieved their academic goals. This is evidenced in our excellent NCEA results, which showed that Westmount School was well above national averages for all levels, and performed better than schools in the same decile band.

Our 12 campuses, including Argentina, connected via videoconference to celebrate these achievements. Each campus also farewelled its 2015 Year 13 leavers, who are now fully engaged in their business careers.


In a compelling speech, regional principal Mr Phil Muir commended all of the leavers for embracing the opportunities to learn, and in doing so to inspire others.

“Today’s leavers have demonstrated you are change-making, problem-solving lifelong learners.”



On behalf of the Westmount Education National Leadership Team, Laughton Brodie congratulated all of the students who were recognised. He commented that the global vision was for all students to be able to achieve. “This vision has resulted in a forward-thinking, vibrant and respected learning institution.”


Graduation Speech by Regional Principal Mr Phil Muir

2015 NCEA achievement