Education Perfect proving to be an excellent tool

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 / Articles

Following our recent success in coming second out of 211 schools in the New Zealand champs of Education Perfect, we asked Regional Principal Jon Bowen for a perspective on its impact on learning.

“Education Perfect is an excellent tool for students across a range of core and supporting learning areas at Westmount. 

“We have used EP and its predecessor Language Perfect for a number of years with a small group of French students. At the beginning of 2016 we made the move to enrol all Year 7-13 Westmount students into the Education Perfect site with access to all Learning areas.

“This has seen learning engagement increase exponentially across a number of learning areas. Students have furthered their knowledge in the Social Sciences, Mathematics and English, and developed in new areas of learning, particularly in the languages, made available through the resource.”

Mr Bowen says students have embraced EP and it has enabled them to make positive choices for the use of technology inside and outside the classroom. Recent reports highlight students have answered close to 2.5 million questions this year. “A great achievement in itself but when considered against our ranking above other schools who are using the resource, it’s clear we are making outstanding progress as we blend physical and digital learning spaces.

“We want to encourage all students to participate to the best of their ability in all learning opportunities and encourage all staff to continue blending learning opportunities to facilitate the potential for excellent progress for all students.”


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Westmount students have also performed well in the Education Perfect international competitions