Uni workshop brings advanced Chemistry in focus

SEPTEMBER 02, 2016 / Articles


This term Year 13 Chemistry students from across New Zealand had the opportunity to meet up in Christchurch for a visit to the University of Canterbury. It was a fantastic learning experience for the students, who typically attend Chemistry class together via Video-Conference.

They spent the morning looking at four analytical techniques used to identify unknown compounds – mass spectrometry; X-ray crystallography; Infra-Red spectroscopy and NMR spectroscopy. Post-graduate students from the university ran the sessions.

The students asked lots of questions, enjoyed watching the (extremely expensive) machines at work, and hearing all about the research that goes on at the university.

After the workshop and a tasty lunch, there was time for reflection on the learning, and preparation for the internal paper on the topic.

The students really enjoyed the experience and said that it had helped consolidate their knowledge of the topic.