All together for a very good cause

DECEMBER 10, 2015 / Articles

A massive number of cakes have been baked, cars washed, sausages sizzled, jobs around the house done, kilometres biked or walked, theme days supported and market events managed all across New Zealand in 2015.

Of all the thousands of things our 1700 students did to raise money for St John, there’s one word that describes the effort best and that is “FUN”.

It started with a small idea, from student leader Aza Powell, for our schools to work together for good.

Westmount Board representative Logan Currie said the initial response to the idea was “let’s give it a go”. Then the students set a target for $100,000, and off they went.

While their success in raising $125,000 had been a surprise in its scale, Logan reflected that it shouldn’t be. “We are a unique, diverse school, and we have challenges that we have to overcome everyday to work together nationally. It makes us flexible to the idea that anything is possible.”

Regional Principal Phil Muir said in 20-plus years of teaching, he had never seen such a total raised. “We know St John will use it wisely. They provide an honourable and admirable service, and are one of the most essential community organisations.”

He said the Self-Directed Learning principles were strongly in action in the students’ achievements. “Innovate, motivate, inquire, persevere, celebrate – students hear these messages everyday and they used them well in their efforts for St John.

“What they’ve achieved has come about through thousands of hours of work, and every single student has contributed. All are special, and all are valued.”

St John CEO Peter Bradley said he was humbled “to see and hear what the students had done to support us”.

Watch video – Aza Powell leads an inspiring presentation to St John


Results by campus


Goal amount $9500. Actual $21,245.







Goal $12,000. Actual $12,117.80.





West Coast

Goal $3000. Actual $5107.







Goal $11,000. Actual $15,913.30.







Goal $9000. Actual $11,111.







Goal $6000. Actual $7741.80.







Goal $8000. Actual 8067.40.







Goal $1800. Actual $2000.






Hawkes Bay

Goal $7000. Actual 7909.80.







Goal $2500. Actual $2825.







Goal $7000. Actual $5362.

The students have also been fundraising for Wellington Free Ambulance.






Goal $11,000. Actual $14,437.






South Campus

Goal $7800. Actual $9000.







Goal $6000. Actual $6000.