A very successful visit to Mindlab

NOVEMBER 23, 2016 / Articles

On November 16, Year 7 & 8 students from South Campus visited MindLab in Christchurch. 

The students were divided into two groups, and given two challenging tasks with limited verbal instructions.

Group one was set the task to build a radio-controlled vehicle from scratch. Students had to recall their design process knowledge. Discussions were followed by a basic design. Motors and R/C receivers were then added to the vehicle body. The remote control had to be paired with the receiver and the receiver with the motherboard, controlling the motors. The vehicles were tested to see if the design and build was successful. Students then had the chance to improve on their designs by adding various parts to make them look more impressive. 

Group two was tasked to write a programme for a robotic vehicle using software and basic coding language. Once the code was written the programme was downloaded to the robots. The students were tasked to write a programme for the robot to navigate itself independently through a maze set out on the floor.  Most students were very successful at both tasks. 

During the lunch break the students had more fun outside, firing film canisters into the air using a mixture of chemicals. After lunch the groups swapped over to work on the two main activities. 

The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There was ample evidence of collaboration, support, leadership and higher order thinking.  A very successful outing!