A great online addition to Maths learning

NOVEMBER 23, 2016 / Articles

Online learning tools: Banqer

Banqer is a financial programme being used at Timaru Campus. It is used within the Maths programme and develops financial literacy and knowledge of how to manage finances.

We learn about different types of bank accounts, how mortgages work, tax rates and KiwiSaver. We get paid a weekly wage and can buy houses. We have deductions like tax, insurance and Kiwisaver. We get weekly rent as income from our real estate.

As part of the programme we were given the task to design a multilevel shopping mall with a $2 million budget. We worked in pairs or groups of three.

We had to design a building that had at least 20 shops, more than one level and had a suitable number of carparks. The shops cost $500 per square metre to build and every 1 square metre in our carpark costs $200. The Mall had to have stairs, lifts and toilets too.

When we were designing our mall we couldn’t just draw it up, as one of our shops was 40 square metres in total area. That would have taken far too long and our plan on paper would have been absolutely enormous. We had to draw it on a much smaller scale. For example, one little block on our design paper equalled 10 square meters in area. So if one level in our shopping centre was a 1000 square meters, our grid paper had to be ten squares by 10 squares. This made it less complicated and easier to design.

We had to work out how much each shop would cost. Then we had to add up the cost of all the shops to find out if we were inside our budget. We had to do a lot of calculations as each small block did not represent one square metre, but 10. So all our calculations had to be worked out within these ratios.

We enjoyed this task as it was very challenging and we had to really work together as a team to get it right.