Teacher Academy


Developing an inquiry driven, collaborative, professional learning culture with a focus on quality teaching and learning to enable student success


The Teacher Academy at Westmount School provides an unmatched opportunity for our teachers to grow their professional capability, and develop their career pathways.

The academy was founded to enable innovation to be sustainable by ensuring continuous investment in teacher development that is aligned with student needs.

Drawing on the knowledge and resources of an expert and inspiring teaching team, the academy facilitates a whole-school, collaborative approach and marries school goals, with teachers’ goals and interests.

Through the academy, all teachers have three major learning opportunities:

  • A 2-3 day national workshop to enhance our shared vision and understanding of the pedagogy.
  • A subject-specific initiative.
  • A collaborative professional learning group, focused on an inquiry related to teaching practice.

In these ways, we learn from each other, share our best resources, and continuously fire the passion we have for teaching.


Other professional learning opportunities include: