A Leading Curriculum

The Westmount curriculum promotes the development of responsible, reliable citizens of the school community and of the community outside of the school.

Our curriculum provides for extensive differentiation and personalized pedagogy, with innovative spaces and methods of delivery. Every student, regardless of ability, will be provided with the opportunity to stretch to their full potential.

We are focused on:

1) Achievement

  Students will:

  • demonstrate the capacity to achieve; to set objectives and focus on accomplishing them.
  • demonstrate sound reasoning and problem solving skills as a foundation for critical thinking.
  • apply technology in a variety of contexts.
  • demonstrate the skills necessary for continued learning.

2) Relationships

  Students will:

  • demonstrate respect for each other and others in their environment.
  • take responsibility and be accountable for their learning.
  • be collaborative in their learning processes.
  • take actions to foster teamwork, encourage initiative, and accept personal responsibility, whilst demonstrating care.
  • engage in the application of character, presence, intellect and abilities while working with others towards a shared goal.

3) Communication

 Students will:

  • pursue openness and cooperation in all their endeavours.
  • demonstrate an ability to listen for essential information and meaning.
  • demonstrate an ability to speak clearly, coherently and relevantly.
  • demonstrate an ability to evaluate logic and reasoning.
The Westmount School follows the New Zealand Curriculum and is accredited to assess students against the Achievement Standards of the New Zealand Certificate of Educational Achievement.

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