Focus Educacion Sudamericana was set up just over ten years ago in Argentina. This campus is spread across three locations in Argentina:  Rosario, Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca. There is a junior department and Year 7-13 levels at each of the sites, where they are taught via Video Conferencing and on-site staff. The current role has 83 students across the three campuses and 17 staff (some part time).

One very important and unique feature of our Argentina Campus is they are bi-lingual, speaking both Spanish and English.

Over the years, the connection between New Zealand and Argentina campuses has grown, starting with teachers visiting for short periods, taking resources to help other teachers with ways of teaching and learning in New Zealand, especially encouraging self-directed learning. A strong working relationship with teachers in both secondary and junior schools over the years has helped the bond continue to grow between colleagues and students, built on respect and communication.

2017 saw the beginning of teaching by digital platforms such as Zoom. Students can now log in from home, and staff from New Zealand Campuses would deliver lessons to students in Argentina.

Argentina has a strong focus on professional development. The staff have a goal to be World Class teachers, and they are constantly being challenged, pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to deliver the programme in an innovative and engaging way.

Our Argentina campus are innovative and motivated to deliver the best education to our students as possible. We want our students to be self-directed learners with a growth mind-set.