Westmount in Canterbury

Canterbury Campus of Westmount is nestled in a secluded rural setting on the southern outskirts of Christchurch. With a 2 hectare land area and fully refurbished and air conditioned classrooms, this campus has more than adequate facilities for the 115 students and 14 staff members.

A major emphasis is placed on the individual student reaching his/her full potential.

Additional to our desire for maximising student potential, is our desire for providing the same level of support and training to our staff to maximise teaching effectiveness through training and professional development. The use of up-to-date video conferencing equipment for campus to-campus communication and specialist subject teaching broadens the subject range for senior students as well as making best use of our human and material resources nationwide.

Opportunities also exist for teachers who are interested in taking up the challenge of teaching by video conferencing either full or part time in their area of expertise.

The success of every school largely hinges on the co-operation, communication and cohesion of all its members and Canterbury Campus boasts a large number of voluntary support personnel, in the form of librarians, canteen workers, bus drivers, caretakers and teacher aides.