Our Premium School Facilities

As a progressive New Zealand school spread over multiple campuses, we are open to innovation. We are continually integrating new technology and teaching methodologies and we seek to utilise current advancements including the use of video conferencing as a teaching medium between schools both nationally and internationally.

We are committed to providing high quality facilities for our staff and students that give them the resources they need for focused, effective teaching and learning.  Across 11 master campuses + multiple satellites, the School has many highly regarded academic and sporting amenities.  Campuses specialist facilities include well equipped science laboratories, technical workshops, music rooms, food technology/home economics practical areas, computer labs, library / resource areas, active and passive recreation areas.  The heart of each school is the Learning Centre, where students have all the resources they need to progress their learning.   

Our teachers are our most valuable partners in education and particular attention is given to providing pleasant and effective work environments with each teacher having their own workspace.