Fundraising at Westmount

Beach Cleanup

The 2016 I Love My Beach fundraiser led through the Taranaki campus was a huge event - in numbers involved, kilometres covered, and dollars raised. Hundreds of families, covered around 20km of Taranaki coastline from New Plymouth through to Wanganui, and collected 330 bags of rubbish. Their efforts raised $10,400. 



A numbers of campuses have run successful walkathons. Each student is given a target to raise for their school. Some campuses have been very successful, raising over $400,000 towards their education. The generosity of the community & businesses at large is much appreciated!

On the day, the students, their parents, granparents etc. all complete the walk. This is often followed by organised games, musical talent & a BBQ! It's great to see the whole community engaged in such a worthy cause.

Below is some images from various campus walkathons: